Kewpie Egg Corporation

Kewpie Egg Corporation enhances added value of eggs, as well as creates new dietary culture of eggs with our customers in food industry.

Message from the president

Kewpie Egg Corporation is an egg processing company and we sell a variety of egg products from the material for processed foods such as liquid and dried egg products to ready-to-eat products such as boiled eggs, egg salad, tamago-yaki, and omelets.

Eggs, what we use as key ingredients, have a great potential to make various types of main or side dishes and dessert delicious. In addition, eggs have rich nutrition such as protein and amino acids with a good balance, and it is assumed as a healthy food material.

We keep pursuing higher level of quality and technologies for egg processing to achieve the customer’s satisfaction based on the aim of the contribution to deliciousness and one’s health.

Hiroaki Ohgita

Hiroaki Ohgita

Kewpie Egg Corporation

Corporate Philosophy and Group Policies

Corporate Motto: RAKU-GYOU-KAI-ETSU

True enjoyment in the work place should be achieved through the process of working together toward common goals.

Once you come to appreciate this process as experiences at work are generated, you will gain some latitude and confidence.

Latitude and confidence are essential in the progression of an individual’s ability, and as a result, in the prosperity of the company which can be shared by all members involved in the process.

Corporate Principles

  • Act on moral principles
  • Strive for originality and ingenuity
  • Look after parent’s well being

Moralism is a way of living honorably as human beings.

It is said that even when a country loses a battle, it does not necessarily perish; however, when a country loses morality, it will perish.

In corporations as well, under the circumstance where people disregard morality, any corporation would eventually perish.

It is the obvious nature of corporations to seek revenue and profit; however, in doing so, it is critical to put morality first, and to make judgments based on "what truth is" and "what the right thing to do is", without being blinded by merit in the short term.

It is also sadly obvious that many people in the real world seek quick profit by calculating means without considering morality.

It is not wise to face these people by solely being morality right.

What we must have is originality and ingenuity in addition to diligence and hard work.

Originality and ingenuity, which means cultivating new ways of thinking, developing new technologies and improving quality and services, lead us to a pioneering spirit and stance of "we will not make me-too products" and "we will not follow in competitor's footsteps".

An approach like this will enlarge our circle of friends.

In every business scene at work when developing new products or simply when taking care of daily requirements, let us not forget this philosophy.

Expressing our thanks and appreciating the devotion of parents to their children, where they would lay down their lives for their kids, teaches us another basic moral standard of human beings.

This attitude is also important in facing people we meet when conducting daily business.

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3 Benefits with
Kewpie Egg

Point 1

Safety and Security

Our processing facilities are fully sanitary, managed by complete quality control and security measures, using freshness controlled shell eggs. Pasteurizing process eliminates possible food borne illness such as Salmonella contamination.

Point 2

Economic Efficiency and Sustainability

Customers can lower invisible costs for shell eggs such as breaking eggs one by one and disposing shells.And the product bags and containers are recyclable, so they are environmentally friendly.

Point 3

Technologies and Development Capability

Recovering physical damage from pasteurization and freezing, we deliver variety of egg products with identical properties to raw egg adding more functions.

Kewpie Egg meets all kind of needs with our own technologies and development capability.

Corporate Profile

Corporate Name Kewpie Egg Corporation
Foundation December 1, 2018
Paid-in Capital JPY 350 Million
Location of Head Office Sengawa Kewport, 2-5-7, Sengawa-Cho, Chofu-shi, TOKYO 182-0002, Japan
Branch Office 8 Branch Offices
Factory 23 Factories

Tokyo regional office

Hanno Factory



Liquid and Frozen Eggs

Fresh eggs are hygienically cracked and pasteurized. Therefore, there is no risk of salmonella or staphylococcus aureus.

Japanese omelet 'Tamagoyaki'

Our proprietary blending technology has realized the original flavor and texture of Tamagoyaki. We offer a wide variety of products, from standard ones to those filled with ingredients.

Boiled Eggs

These are eggs that have been heated and processed more hygienically than eggs in shells. We have a wide variety of products such as boiled eggs with a soy sauce flavor and salty flavor, as well as eggs that have been pasteurized with our proprietary technology to kill salmonella.

Egg Salad

This egg salad offers the flavor and texture of freshly prepared egg salad at any time. Various variations are available according to the ingredients to be combined and the scene in which they are served.

Dried Eggs and Dried Foods

Dried egg is a hygienic spray-dried powdered product of carefully selected eggs. They are superior in safety, economy, and convenience. Dried food ingredients are microwave heated and dried products.

Omelets and Scrambled Eggs

Our proprietary technology allows us to offer products with a variety of textures, colors, shapes, flavors, and shelf life. Our products can be used in a wide range of food situations, such as breakfast buffets, toppings, and lunch boxes.